How to Stream Your Android Phone Screen to a Windows 10 PC With Audio No Root USB Cable

How to Stream Your Android Phone Screen to a Windows 10 PC With Audio

Sometimes you may want to share your android phone screen to PC with audio for may reasons for example gaming. Here in this tutorial, we will provide a simple free detailed way to stream the Android screen with audio to the computer.

This method work on any computer no matter the windows type is (10, 8, 7).It works on all of them, and we will use two applications that are provided for free by the developer and they are safe and easy to use.

The first application called scrcpy

The second one is sndcpy 

Also, you need to install a VLC media player 

All these applications available in the link below you can download them with one click.

Here you are download link for applications that we will use.

Download the applications then, you need to enable USB debugging in your android phone.

Go to developer options and you will find USB debugging option >> click enable.

NOW, when you plug in your phone to the laptop/PC {USB debugging is ON } notification will appear.

The main advantages of this software are that:

  • It is free to use
  • You can render your phone’s screen on Desktop/Laptop.
  • You can play games/movies/songs from the phone on PC.
  • You can control your phone through Mouse/Keyboard.
  • You can record your screen the live view of your phone in your laptop/desktop with the assistance of other applications like OBS studio.

1- How to Stream Android screen to PC :

1- Go to your PC and extract files {scrcpy, sndcpy, vlc}.

2- Connect your android phone to PC via USB cable

3- Open the scrcpy folder and open scrcpy.exe file.

In just a second the phone screen will be displayed on your PC.

2-How to Stream Android audio to PC :

1- Open the sndcpy folder and open the sndcpy.bat file.

Now sndcpy app will be installed on your android phone automatically.

2- Open sndcpy app on your android phone and message will appear.

{sndcpy will start capture everything thats displayed on your device}

click on Start Now.

3- Now go to PC and click enter on sndcpy.bat window and internal audio on your android device will be displayed on your PC.

Now you may face problem with streaming audios from your android phone with videos , so go through these solutions and it will work at the end.
This problem most often will appear on Xiaomi phones due to MIUI changes on android system.

Go Settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer options ->

1- Turn off “MIUI optimization” and Restart

2- Turn On “USB Debugging”

3- Turn On “Install via USB”

4- Set USB Configuration to Charging

Now you can mirror videos to your PC and capture the audio at the same time and that’s great.
You can later play video games, watch movies, listen to songs on the computer or laptop to have fun in your life.


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